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May 30, 2009

Coastal Scents Gel Liners & FREEBIES!

I just received my small package from Coastal Scents today! I ordered the Flat Liner Contour Brush and 2 of their gel liners. This time they gave me 3 freebies!

I'm not really sure why I ordered this brush in the first place actually. I didn't need a flat liner brush. I don't even really like flat, squared-off liner brushes. OH! I know why! Maybe it's because the picture on the Coastal Scents website makes it look like it's angled. I should've known by the way that it didn't say "angled" in the name though, lol. Oh well. Enough babble, let's get on to the actual brush instead of my feelings.
It was only $1.99!

It's a stiff brush, but soft at the tips. Very resistant to pressure. It not super super thin, so if you're looking for a really thin line I would look elsewhere. Overall I think it's a pretty decent brush. I like the dual-colored bristles and the mahogany "wood-finished" handle. All-in-all I'd definitely say it's worth the 1.99 price.

Coastal Scents Gel Liners (Silk White and True Black)

I also ordered the Coastal Scents Gel Liners in Silk White and True Black.


Now I will admit, if you've watched my YouTube videos you will know, I have used the black Coastal Scents gel liner before. The reason I re-ordered it is because my other black one was definitely from a bad batch! ...but I used it anyway because it worked decently, lol. I was going to put a picture of what it looked like but I figured I'd just leave it out and tell you it smelled like turpentine and looked like grease build-up on a car engine. This one looked much better :)
It is super black! Goes on very smoothly and a little goes a long way. You do have to let it dry for about 5 minutes until it completely dries, and it's only smudge resistant, not smudge-proof. The only thing is that I don't like it on the waterline. I've noticed it doesn't really go on the waterline very well and I wouldn't think it would last very long either. My favorite black for the waterline is L'oreal HIP in Black. Stays on all night! But it's pretty much only good for the waterline.

I ordered the white one because I've been looking for a good white liner for the waterline and also a good white base color. This definitely is an awesome white! Unlike the black, this one goes on the waterline very well. I haven't taken it out for a longevity test yet so I can't say much about that but definitely am satisfied with it.

Along with the shipment they always send along freebies!
This time there were 3 of them!

The first one, Fairy Dust, is a sparkly glitter. It's soft to the touch and super fine. It easily can fly everywhere though.
It is a clear sort of white but sparkles in the light with the colors of purple,
green, and a hint of gold. Very pretty.

Sterling Glitter reminds me of a really shiny metal that was ground up into little shiny metal bits :)
It is a little bigger consistency than Fairy Dust but is all the same, just as pretty.

The last one here is hands down my favorite, due to the fact that it reminds me of the inside of an opal. It's called Red Comet Sparks. It has the biggest glitter pieces of them all but is an awesome color.
It has pink and green hues and when put on a lot, it's so reflective that it has sort of a wet look.


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