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June 24, 2009

IMATS 2009!

I had such a fun time at IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) this past Saturday! It was held at the Pasadena Convention Center.
I only went Saturday because I had work on Sunday. Wish I could've gone both days but one day was still fun enough :)

There were so many people there! Every makeup company you could think of was there (well almost) and practically everything was discounted, up to 40%.

Here's my video on the experience:

I also met a few other YouTube makeup *guru's*.
These guru's are way more popular than me though, lol.

I met the makeup artists from Enkore and Pursebuzz and got a picture with them

look at me an my big ol' smile! lol

I also met Petrilude
He was so nice. He was the only one who actually would have a "conversation" with me, so that was nice.

I wanted to meet xsparkage but she was shopping around for makeup somewhere around the Make Up For Ever booth and I couldn't find her. I would've loved to have met her. Oh well, maybe next time.


I would've bought more stuff but I'm not really "rich girl" so I only brought money for essentials.
I ran across two booths called Morphe Brushes and Royal Brush MFG. They both had just about every Coastal Scents-type brush there, and more!! I wish I could've bought more from them. I kind of kick myself for not saving up money for IMATS...although, it was my first time ever there so I didn't really know what to expect.
I bought 3 things which I'm really happy with:

A large oval shadow brush from Morphe Brushes, for highlighters and blending harsh lines.
I'm really happy with the quality of this brush. It's dense and stiff, but soft.
I really needed this brush!
I got it for $4

This is a synthetic fiber large Kabuki brush from Royal Brush MFG. It is exactly the same brush that they sell at Make Up For Ever for $40. I got this brush for $6!!
It's sooo soft and super dense and fluffy

Lastly I got this! It's a 10-slot Brush Roll. It was from Morphe Brushes.
It was $5!!
I needed another brush roll because I have one from Bare Escentuals, but it's small and can't fit my larger brushes, and it's velcro, which I don't really like too much. But now I have two rolls, so I'll probably still use the BE one.
Anyways they had a 50-slot brush roll for $15 and I was thinking I probably should've gotten that one instead so that I could fit all my brushes into one roll. But of course I wanted to be cheap and get the smaller one =/
This is actually REALLY good quality! And I was surprised, for $5. It's a pleather material and I really like the fact that it has ties instead of velcro so that I can actually ROLL it up :)

Anyways I had a super fun time and definitely am going next year. I hope you guys will all go too, so that I can bump into you and get some pictures of fans of my own :) I want to meet you, I really do!

So I just had to throw this in because I thought it was so funny....
I met up with a friend of mine, Adam, who I hadn't seen in about 5 years, since college.
At the bar we were at we turn around and there's this girl with a HUGE sandwich on her shoulder, so I had to take a picture :)


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