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Oh my....Long time...

It's been quite a while since I've put up a video. Yes, I apologize. It's finally amazing weather so I've been living it up at the beach :)

But have no fear, I'm going to record a video tomorrow! Another Glamour Doll tutorial! OMG I got this AMAZING color called DinoSpotz that I'm going to be featuring. It's the prettiest brown with green shimmer...I can't even explain it! It reminds me of a lizard...or a chameleon.

So yes, I apologize for no videos lately, or no blog posts. There are so many websites and things to keep track of it gets really hard sometimes.

So I will talk to you guys soon! Have a great day lovies!

Playing Around With Nail Designs

My nails are so long now and it's so much easier to paint them I realize, when they're long, lol.
I've been playing around with painting the tips lately.

Here's my french tips. I've done them in black and in white. I really liked the black tips. I think this is my new favorite pastime haha.

I tried it the first time with the black and just painted a base coat, then painted the tips, then a top coat. When I painted the top coat on it sort of "bled" the black onto the bare nail so the lines were all out of wack :(

So then I tried painting the nail a base color, which I used Innocence by China Glaze. It's a really nice nude pink color (looks just like my bare nail). Then I painted the rest and it didn't bleed at all.
I think the color on the tips just needs something to "hold" on to so it doesn't bleed.

Anyways here's the rest of what I've done so far. It's way too much fun :)

Colors used were of course China Glaze. :)

These are my Strawberry Nails. This was a lot of fun. I was trying to find a brighter green color but just used what I had.
Colors used were Rich & Famous, White On White, and Watermelon Rind.
I just painted the nail with Rich & Famous, then painted the tips, and lastly stuck with a polka-dot pattern :)
I used Seche Clear Base Coat and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.


Orange Juice & Purple Soda

This was pretty much my first "cut crease" look that I've done ever. No joke.
I used some colors in my 88 palette that I haven't really used before.
I didn't even know there was a really nice orange color hiding in there!

I've been wanting to do an orange look for a while. I'm getting Orange Crush soon from Glamour Doll Eyes and am pretty excited about that. Orange is a fun color, of course.



**FREEDOM CONTEST** - Tons of prizes!!

There's a contest that me and some other YouTube gurus have put together for you!
There are TONS of things we're giving away, and it's easy to enter.

Prizes include Lush, Victoria's Secret candles, Etsy, Coastal Scents, & MUCH MORE!



Watch the video here:


Orange You Beautiful! China Glaze - Japanese Koi

This is one of my favorite colors that I have from my China Glaze collection. Mind you, I said colors, not formulas.
It's a neon color. A gorgeous reddish orange.

Now the formula...It didn't show in the picture but I put 3 coats on and you could still see the white part of my nail. It would be like pretty color and then look at the tips through the polish.

I definitely give it a 10 for the color...very bright and vibrant.
But for the formula, it's very thin and I'm not really a big fan of painting on 5 coats of nail polish.

I would say that if you've got shorter nails then go for it, or if you've got the patience to paint! paint! paint! go for it :)

A few days after painting them this color I decided to try painting the tips with the color Solar Power.
It turned out SO cool looking! I did kind of a crappy job on it but I've been getting better at painting the tips of my nails.
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