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July 2, 2009

Orange You Beautiful! China Glaze - Japanese Koi

This is one of my favorite colors that I have from my China Glaze collection. Mind you, I said colors, not formulas.
It's a neon color. A gorgeous reddish orange.

Now the formula...It didn't show in the picture but I put 3 coats on and you could still see the white part of my nail. It would be like pretty color and then look at the tips through the polish.

I definitely give it a 10 for the color...very bright and vibrant.
But for the formula, it's very thin and I'm not really a big fan of painting on 5 coats of nail polish.

I would say that if you've got shorter nails then go for it, or if you've got the patience to paint! paint! paint! go for it :)

A few days after painting them this color I decided to try painting the tips with the color Solar Power.
It turned out SO cool looking! I did kind of a crappy job on it but I've been getting better at painting the tips of my nails.


Gee xo says:
at: July 26, 2009 at 10:38 AM said...

i LOVVEE LOVE LOVE that combo! i need to get my hands on those colours!


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