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November 17, 2009

Some new ones! Besties!

I just made some new bows I just had to show you.
I was playing around with my Bedazzler (yes I have a bedazzler! and what!)

anyways, so my friend just got back in town from Hong Kong and I decided to make her a custom bow, personalized just for her :)  Something that reminded me of the bad-ass that she is.

Aww, aint I a sweet friend?

Then I made one that reminded me of that conceited? ummmm..errr...I don't think it isss?? 

So these are what I came up with!

It's the Tisch (top) & the Jen (bottom)

These are so cute, well, I think they are.
She'll probably see this before I give it to her and I'll ruin my own surprise. But oh well.

I thought maybe in the future, if I can get a bunch of the studs and rhinestones, I'll have enough that I can put some "bedazzled" hair clip bows up in the store.
The only thing I'm concerned about though, is when I put the studs in, the material kind of "bunches" a little bit around the stud and doesn't stay flat.  I'll have to find a way for it not to do this.

Let me know what you guys think! :)

Your Rockster YouTube Guru Tisch!


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