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January 24, 2010

Review - Brushlab Pure Ceramic Large Hair Brush

I'm really excited to get this brush! Why, you ask?  Well it's the perfect size for my bangs, of course!

I just received this brush. It's the Brushlab Pure Ceramic Large Hair Brush. *If you haven't read my other reviews on the brushlab products just search at the top, "Brushlab" in my blog and they should come up :)

It's $10.98 on the website.  This brush is ceramic and white colored, with a black handle.  It's pretty long, about 11", probably to do with the pointed handle. I've found the handle point really great for parting hair, especially if you're using it to make waves or curls and want to seperate sections, without having to use a seperate tool.

It's smaller than the pink/purple Ceramic Flow Thermal Round Barrel, which I love and still use.  That one's about 2" diameter, while the Large Hair Brush one is 1 1/2" diameter (I don't know why they call it Large when it's smaller, lol).  It's better for my teeny tiny bangs anyways :)

It's ceramic so it won't burn my hair
(sniff:sniff. No burning smell? Check! Nicely rounded bangs? Check!)

If you haven't checked out the products, there are a bunch of them and all the ones that I've received I like, I use all of them....honestly, I use ALL of them! =o)

You can also find all the Brushlab products at ULTA beauty stores if you don't want to buy online.


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