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It's Raining! Time to get out the camera!

You may not know it but I love love LOVE photography. I'm not an expert at it but I know enough to whip out my camera when I see a great visual moment and take some pretty good (in my opinion, at least) pictures.

I found a great opportunity today to take pictures, as it's been raining for most of the day. I especially love how raindrops look when they land on leaves and how light reflects off of the sky against the water. So pretty. I just thought I'd share some photos of the rain that I took today. Hope you enjoy :)

If you're wondering, these were taken with my Canon S95 in Manual Mode, with a little bit of post-processing.

One of my favorites of the day
A lonesome bird perched in the pouring rain



Physicians Formula Gel CreamLiner Review w/ Swatches

...Been a long time...Let's do thisss!!

 About 5 months ago I came across Physicians Formula Gel CreamLiner in Target. I'm always looking for new gel or cream eyeliners, especially since I love wearing different colors on my waterline.
They're $10 for a trio stack for  Brown, Blue, or Green eyes. I purchased the one for Brown eyes back then and then recently bought the one for Green eyes.

These eyeliners have been so impressive. They are smaller pots: 2 grams each, and they stack on top of eachother but you can take them apart and just take one to go if you need to. These are creamy and silky and they glide on very nicely.
I especially like the blacks, and all of the colors have stayed on my waterline for the majority of the night, even when dancing for hours. I would highly recommend these eyeliners, as they don't seem to want to dry out. (I know because I use the black almost every day, and I even left the black open for 24 hours by accident one time...wooooops....and it still hasn't dried out)

These are the trios I have so far. I think I'll be buying the other 2 trios soon!

Hazel Eyes kit colors: 
♥ Black with purple shimmer (slight shimmer and not overwhelming sparkle)
♥ Espresso brown
♥ Medium lavender

Green Eyes kit colors:
♥ Dark plum (looks blue in the pot but it's plum)
♥ Medium moss green (LOVE this color!)
♥Black with green shimmer (slight shimmer and not overwhelming sparkle)

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