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April 4, 2012

My Day Off....sort of

Trying to get my zombie to not bite off my finger.
 So this was me today. Yes, this is where I take most of my pictures for my website: In my room, making a mess out of my makeup desk. Like how I taped the lights on the wall? Not a brilliant setup, but I get some great shots with just a few desk lights and fluorescent lights. My S95 camera really helps, too. And Adobe Lightroom.

This is pretty much the only place that I can get my shots done. We don't really have much of any furniture because we're moving to Oregon in a couple of months. This desk and a bed is all I have in my room. Keeping it classy!

My cheesy lighting setup...and my Lomokino! Lookin' good, Lomo ;)
 Today I was taking pictures of some of the extra jewelry inventory I have lying around that should be up in the store. Then I got distracted and started playing around with cardstock. I ended up making a teeny tiny box for an eyeshadow for no reason. Waay too much time on my hands! I've included my theme song in this post. I hope you enjoy. Anything to play around with creatively, I guess!
I'll be starting to work on the new look for the website and my company really soon; I've just got to get everything defined into how I want it to look. Keeping positive and anticipating moving! Portland, I'll be bringing my crafty self up there soon. :)

Even though my setup is lame, the pics come out really nice.

A 5 gram eyeshadow individual box that took up way too much time.

Surprise! Now if I could only get some actually made with a cute Rocksterize design on them... theme song............


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