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Playing With 360° Photo Stitching

I got this cool software that "stitches" together photos. I've wanted to do this for ever but didn't know how. A few months back I was at Venice Beach in California and decided it would be the perfect place to take a 360° shot. So I took the photos with no tripod but tried to line them up horizontally as best I could. I took the photos, put them on my computer, and let them sit there until I could figure out how to put them together.

Then I got this software called Gimp, and with a little help from that, a little Photoshop fine tuning, and a little Adobe Lightroom post-processing, this is what I've created. I am really proud of this picture. I think it turned out amazing. Now if I can only figure out how to blow it up and mount it on my wall. It will come to me :)

What's pretty cool is in the hi-resolution image you can see my brother standing on the beach, twice (due to the stitching and 'people movement'), which is pretty neat I think. This really makes me want to do more of these photos, which I intend to do. I want to get a good scene in downtown Portland (which is close to my new residence). We'll see what I can come up with. Hope you like.

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