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Rocksterize Eyeshadows for LA Fashion Week, & Updates

I was recently asked by my friend Jen Awad, an LA clothing designer, ( if I would want to include some Rocksterize eyeshadows in the gift bags at her fashion show coming up for LA Fashion Week. Of course I said yes. There was a lot of hard work to be done with getting them all together, with a couple of speed bumps. This gave me a great opportunity to test out how hard I could work to get these together for a deadline, and Boom! Here they are.

With all this hard work, I finally got something done that I've been wanting to get into order shipments for a long time. So I designed some cute visual cards that show you just how to use our eyeshadows, and they will now be included in all orders.
 Next on the list is a photo shoot with some models to showcase some of our colors for the website, and we are currently working on getting off of Etsy and into our very own online store, instead of going through a third party for a shopping experience.
We might also be working on a couple of mineral eyeshadow collections with colors that will be exclusive to the sets. Still working on the packaging for those...but I will hint something about "zombies"....

We are excited here over at Rocksterize to have this opportunity to get our makeup out there a little more to people in the fashion industry and have them try out our products.
Here are the cute little packages, all lined up before they shipped out yesterday:

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My New York Vacation & some shots of the city

Back from New York! It was a nice week long vacation. Lots of walking around (me calves were hard as rocks...shin splints and all). Although it was a pretty good time overall, I think my next vacation will be a nice quiet time on a beach in the Caribbean, sipping on a piƱa colada in my sandals.

I think I saw just about all of New York in about 4 days, or it just felt like I did. Most things I just saw from a distance, some I saw up close, like the Freedom Tower and the fountains. My friend Rob and I rode the ferry across the water to get pictures of the Statue Of Liberty, then rode it right back.
Walked through Central Park after having brunch and unlimited mimosas thanks to Groupon. (day drinking was never my best) We sang karaoke and also met a nice group of fellows in a band called 45 Riots. Super awesome band with a great sounds and lots of band members.

After a couple of days the public transportation was wearing on me and I had the feeling of just wanting to get the heck out of there. Sometimes there would be some fun "shows" on the subway that would make the ride a little easier, though.

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