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April 27, 2015

Oily Skin Fix! Milk Of Magnesia Foundation Primer

Recently I was looking for a foundation primer that actually worked to control oil. My skin isn't quite as oily as it used to be, but I still have problems getting my foundation to stay on for hours and I still get a bit of grease on my face within a few hours.

I like the Coastal Scents Diva Defense Primer; it's worked great for me but I still get some oil.
I came across some articles where people had used Phillips Milk of Magnesia as a face primer. It's made as a laxative that you drink, but instead of drinking it you put it on your face, then use a primer if you want, and then apply your foundation, and you don't get oily AND your foundation stays on.

I tried it out and it actually worked! Not a spot of oil on my face all night. I was out for a good 6 hours, too.
If you have oily skin problems I'd definitely get it and try it out. I purchased it at Target for $4. Highly recommended. I don't think I'll put on my foundation without this stuff again.
1. Wash your face.
2. Shake the bottle of M.O.M. and pour into a little cup.
3. Dip a cotton ball into it and squeeze out a little bit of the excess liquid
4. Swipe the cotton ball over your face in thin layers (try not to go over the same spots too much - you only need a thin layer)
5. Let it dry. At this point you may have a little bit of white residue left over. Just rub it off with your fingers or brush it off with a makeup brush. It comes off easily.
6. (Optional) Apply a foundation primer. I used Smashbox pore minimizer on my bigger pores and then Coastal Scents Diva Defense Primer.
7. Apply your foundation.
8. BOOM! Matte face for hours! :)

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