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Hi! I'm Tisch

"When the world seems gray and starts lacking color, that's when I go and grab my art supplies." ~Tisch

I was born in the '80s somewhere in the depths of Los Angeles. I was an adventurous little girl who liked to write and sing and wanted to be a teacher. I remember I would sit in my room with my big chalkboard and set up all of my stuffed animals in front of it and give math and English lessons. How weird was I?!

Then I grew up a bit and hit the '90s, where I didn't know what I was doing or how to dress or do my makeup or style my hair. But boy, was there some great early '90s hip hop and R&B music to listen to. The mid-'90s grunge/ska scene...oh, I went there, too. I thought No Doubt was the coolest band on earth, and all I wanted to do was listen to ska music and be like Gwen Stefani.

I look back on pictures of me in middle school and think, "Oh no! That poor child. I wish I could give her a makeup lesson." *sad face* Unfortunately the bad style/makeup seemed to be a trend for me all the way into high school, too.
Wasn't I such a cute little heathen?

 I was seriously into heavy metal in high school...and still seriously bad at all things fashion. I wore oversized band T-shirts and dark purple lipstick, along with a few other odd choices while being a big tomboy. In the summer after 10th grade I decided to chop my hair off into a pixie bob and start wearing skirts and bright colors. I changed into a GIRL! It was a new me.

At a very early age - early, as in when I started talking - I loved to sing. My dad recorded me singing the National Anthem when I was about 4 years old and I could hear some potential...and even some vibrato! In high school I joined the choir, and that got me singing on a regular basis. It was a lot of fun. In college I studied music and sang, but I was still really nervous to sing in front of people.

Fast forward a bunch of years later and here I am, singing my heart out. It was karaoke first, then open mic nights, and now I'm playing guitar and writing my own music for the world to hear. I also have found a sense of style with fashion and makeup, and through that have created my own mineral eyeshadow line called Rocksterize. ( We ship all over the world, too! Now I've got this makeup/beauty blog and also a cooking blog, where I show lots of fun cookies ideas and recipes.  Along with singing, makeup, and fashion, I look forward to entertaining you for years to come. I'll see you soon!

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